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DP Simulator Course


Nautical Institute approved.

Course level:


Here is the example of exercise delivery in our training center. A tipical drive-off case is demonstrated with debriefing from instructor.

Time frame for exercise demo video:

00:13 Start of the exercise

13:46 Start of Pull Out

17:33 Changes in the task scenario

21:09 Sunrise

21:58 Commercial pressure

22:53 Thruster set point is frozen

23:07 Drive off starts, wrong thrusters are deselected

24:00 1 st Attempt to call to ECR unsuccessfully has failed

24:32 2 nd Attempt to call to ECR

24:47 Collision starts

26:30 Debriefing of the exercise with Instructor

Teaching language:


Course objective:

Acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills in DP operations, including planning and conducting the DP operations; risk and ship’s capabilities assessment; decision making in situations that can lead to serious or catastrophic consequences.

Course content:

DP incidents study.

The use of guidances, diagrams and patterns in DP operations.

DP operations plan preparation, including unforeseen situations.

Practical training in different situations, including routine and unforeseen.

Risk and safety assessment, DP equipment class defining.

Measured position data application in the DP system, position reference systems testing.

Modern developments in DP systems, sensors and auxiliaries.

 Entry requirements:

Every participant must have documentary evidence of successful completion of DP induction course and not less than 60 days documented DP practice.

Amount of participants:


Course duration:

5 working days.

Simulator details:

Kongsberg “Polaris” full mission bridge, DP K-POS ver.7.0

Registration for this course is carried out:

in 109 office,

on phone: 00380 67 487 0605

Required Course Documents:

Course lesson plan and teaching materials